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Ivatt Rescue Part 2. A tale of an eBay resurrection..

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This morning our Postie delivered a small package from the Bachmann Spares Department. Excellent service as ever.


Ivatt Reserection. Part 2


Inside was the new tender chassis and coupling mounting block highlighted as damaged in the previous post. 


Armed with a mug of Yorkshire Gold in a suitable receptacle with an Ivatt 2MT on it I set to work... 


Ivatt Reserection. Part 2


Ivatt Reserection. Part 2


The smokebox door handle was replaced with a new brass Eileen's Emporium example. This was sprayed with Hycote grey primer and satin black before fitting.


The top lamp bracket has been renewed also. Finally the vacuum pipe was added and loose buffer fixed in position. 


Ivatt Reserection. Part 2


On to the tender which had received the most damage the chassis was renewed.


The electrical gubbins and weights were fixed in position. Damage to the front of the tender was made good using a piece of kit sprue from a Parkside kit. 


Ivatt Reserection. Part 2


The rear of the tender had the broken coupling mounting block renewed. 


Ivatt Reserection. Part 2


Also the rear vacuum pipe and ladder were replaced. 


Ivatt Reserection. Part 2


Here is 6404 essentially ready for service having been reserected to full glory. Just needs brake rodding to loco and tender adding along with front foot steps.


Ivatt Reserection. Part 2


Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to remove the numbers and insignia before spraying the sides to make good. 


I'll also lop the chimney off and replace with the brass DMR version.


Still undecided on a lined 46467 or an unlined 46468. Could be a toss of a coin... 






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