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CR D27 machinery wagon , part 1

Dave John


Progress on the 670 is delayed at the moment until I get the parts for the gearbox. Can’t be helped, difficult times slow things down.


Anyway, I need to build something. I had a browse through drawings and books and settled on a D27 Machinery wagon. ( the CRA does sets of wagon drawings on a cd ) 


So with a bit of luck here is one I can make from the stuff I have.  The body is laminated from 10 thou styrene cut on the silhouette. Bit of an odd wagon, big plates on the sides riveted  to an internal frame of angle sections with a planked floor.

Nice and simple.






As you know I like to be able to drop wheelsets out, makes it all easier to paint too. Personally I think it also makes wagon building easier. All that faffing about getting it perfectly square and making sure all the wheels sit on a perfectly flat surface so they touch the perfectly flat track?  Not something I ever managed to do very well.


Anyway all that really means is just a pair of low profile internal compensation units soldered to a bit of coppeclad. Lands for ajs if I decide to fit them.





Some lashing points made up from bits of scrap etch.





Some primer, then the invasion of the rivets…..

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"Some lashing points made up from bits of scrap etch."


Say that again slowly, with diagrams and a scale rule...


I've recently built a whitemetal G&SWR wagon that came out with wonky axles. In 00 there's enough slop that it runs sweetly enough but I'm thinking of MJT inside bearings. However, previous experience shows that they can be a bit stiff, even after opening up the holes a little. Any thoughts?

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I'm interested in your internal compensation units Dave, can I ask what make they are - or did you fashion them yourself?

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Dave has widened the bearing area by soldering on some washers, Stephen.

They look like MJT units, Mikkel. I am sure Dave will be along soon to confirm or deny this supposition.

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6 minutes ago, Regularity said:

Dave has widened the bearing area by soldering on some washers, Stephen.


Ah, so that's the purpose of the washers on the MJT etch. I'd presumed they were for packing to reduce lateral movement. Perhaps I should have read the instructions, if any...


Live and learn!

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Yes they are MJT. the low height ones, though both sizes are useful. A sideways pic. Just solder it all up generously then run a 2mm reamer through it.  Perhaps not quite as free running as a pinpoint in a brass bearing, but their usefulness   is the key .  Dart castings do a good range . 







A couple  of pics of the Lashing points. Not very good pics, its at the limit of what I can see. The plate and O-- shaped bit are bits of etch. Shackle, bolt  and ring are 0.3 ns wire. Old fashioned lead solder and bakers fluid to fix it all together .  The trick is a fine pointed bit with just a tiny amount of solder on it, then be quick, you hear the hiss of the flux and then away. 







Oh, and a glass of cold water to plunge your nose in when you get too close.............. 



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Thanks, that's ironic as I use MJT but didn't recognize them in the first shot. Maybe I should try using them as they are actually intended! :banghead:

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