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Scrap Tank - splashers




After a delay while I ordered some suitable brass tube, I've finally added the front splashers. I didn't fancy trying to bore these out of brass bar, and in any case didn't have any of large enough diameter. Instead, I had the idea of using brass tube. First step was to solder a sheet of 5 thou brass to the end.



This was then cut as close to the tube as possible with a Stanley knife. Then, it was chucked up in the lathe and turned down to the correct diameter, which was slightly less than the 1/2 inch of the K&S brass tube. This left quite a thin top to the splasher (also about 5 thou), but thick enough.



The resulting hollow cylinder was parted off carefully with a parting tool. I made life tedious for myself by leaving the splasher rather over-width, mainly because I had no definite measurements for the width. This just meant additional filing later. The two splashers were then carefully cut from the same part using the piercing saw. (Apologies - I thought I had taken a photo of it at that stage!).


The next photo shows my crude method for holding them in place for soldering, using a sliver of balsa from underneath. I actually cut off most of the balsa so that I could sit the loco upright on the bench, and then used a cocktail stick to hold the splasher from the top while bringing in the iron. One of them soldered on first time, and the other one came apart (Sod's law), necessitating a repair before trying again. I just about got away with it! Doing things properly I should have used different temperature solders, but I didn't have them.



Here's one of the finished items. A bit of filler is needed at the tank end where too much of the thin front has broken away. I don't want to risk filling it with solder!







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