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Day 94: LCDR Martley F



Another project that's been stalled for ages is this Martley F Class, also known as the Second Sondes class. It was printed long enough ago that I was still using the orange resin, but has been sat awaiting a chassis before I build up the body any further. I never attempted building the original chassis design, as it was a long, 3D printed one, so would probably end up at warp city - this needs a redesign! I've got a couple of ideas for the frames, so this might be a good loco to try them out on. I've semi-proved the concept on another loco, but that was a 4 wheel drive Diesel, a conrod driven steam loco is a much harsher test. Getting the outside frames working will be "fun" too.


I still think it looks alright though, this is one of my better prints!



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48 minutes ago, Invicta1958 said:

Now that is a print I would happy to buy if you add it to your list!

I intend to at some point, but I need to make sure all the mechanical bits actually fit first!

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