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Barry O


Mike Edge has been busy producing a "Super 40" for use on Carlisle. It is very, very heavy and has the "Co" bits on both bogies driven. My task..fit sound and "gentle" weathering


Sound.. Easy peasy as there is enough room to ge a Legomanbiffo Loksound V5 in and a speaker as well with no hacking or bodging to get it to fit!


Then a picture of a close sister engine (D335..this one is D334) in "Diesels on the London Midland"by Michael Welch gave a good starting point




and side on..





Now back to Mike to refit some windows...





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St Enodoc

Posted (edited)

Are you going to put a bit more grot on the ends? The yellow still looks a bit bright in the photo.


Edit: just seen your post on Mike's topic. Still reckon a bit more round the joins and fittings would look good though.

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Some one had polished the end doors on the photo of the original one. The sections outside looked clean but under inspection (optivisor looking through aanother magnifier you can just pick out where someone then got bored and didn't finish the cleaning.. job for today as we are due the end of the world thunderstorm later.



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Sounds good. No matter how well-polished, I reckon that things like the lamp brackets, electric lamp housings and door hinges would look slightly mucky.

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