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CR D27 machinery wagon , part 2

Dave John



Well, there we are, a slap of paint makes all the difference.


Rivets are Archers, easy to apply and they make a big difference on a model like this. No idea what is under that sheet, but it is heavy so this wagon moves as if it does have 16 tons on top. The chains and shackles were fiddly, but add to it all I think.








Catching a bit of evening light.





You can see that this wagon is properly scotched. There is a good reason for this, D27s like the other wagons in the same style, had no handbrake. Run as specials they would have wagons with handbrakes either side. Given that loaded it might be 27 tons that sounds a bit dangerous though I doubt they ever travelled outside the industrial areas served by the Caley and probably only in special short workings rather than as part of longer trains.



So just for fun and I think typical of how it might have run here it is passing through Kelvinbank. Archibald McGregor hanging on and hoping it isn’t going far.








I now have parts for the Cl.670 gearbox, so it is hopefully going to progress a bit with that.


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That's one of the most interesting and well executed models I've seen for a while.  And scotched too. 


Enjoyed the video too. I like how it all blends together quite naturally. Not easy if you think about it, you've got ladies in Edwardian dresses within a few inches of a coal yard. 

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I'll add another big thumbs up to the model making stories that you post here. It's  lovely to see it all come together with the video conclusion. An interesting wagon and load, executed with panache.

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18 minutes ago, Mikkel said:

you've got ladies in Edwardian dresses within a few inches of a coal yard

.. risking some smutty crinoline!

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It's a pleasure to see such an excellent model of an unusual prototype. The chain's and shackles make the model come alive.

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