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Day 95: back to CAD



Not a lot to report for today, I'm back to the CAD in a big way, with a couple of projects on the go that I'm not going to share for now... But good progress is being made, based around a couple of RTR chassis that arrived recently. I've also had more bits turn up to convert a couple of locos with custom chassis to belt drive, which will hopefully make them a bit less fiddly to set up, and hence more reliable. It sacrifices a little bit of smoothness, but I think it will be worth it for better overall performance. 


The rest of my limited modelling time has been taken up with attempting to find ways of keeping cool - the weather was in the 30s all day yesterday, and my modelling desk/actual work desk is right next to a big window taking up an entire wall, that happens to get full sun from midday to sunset... So I had a dig around in my random items box and found a propeller, which coupled to a spare loco motor is doing some good. I also found an old solar panel in there, so that might get utilised too if I can find another prop. All of which shows you should never throw anything away (not that I needed this lesson)...

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