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Day 100: finished (ish) projects and wrapping up the blog



Right, that'll do. Enough of this blogging nonsense! Finishing the Bagnall (for now) feels like a good place to stop. It needs varnish and weathering, but those will wait until the name and numberplates turn up. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with it, the modified bits have worked well, so I'll probably do something similar for more locos in the future. 


Another project that's come up every now and then over the course of this blog is the AEC shunter, which now runs! Needs a flywheel adding to smooth it out a bit more, but I'm happy with where it is now, and looking forward to weathering it so it doesn't look quite so toylike. See video at the end of this post.


But I'm stopping the blog here, mainly because I have to remember to post something each day, and if I have a less motivated day, or too much goes wrong, it just turns into trying to talk about nothing. So I'll go back to posting in my various threads, thanks to those who have followed and commented on this blog, I've tried to take onboard as much of the useful info as possible! If you do want to keep up with any of the things I've been working on, see these links:


Workbench thread

Layout thread







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Congratulations on keeping up with a post a day for 100 days!


What's the push-up count?

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All been interesting, followed you each day - now, whens that SER brake van out?!!! Keep safe and thanks again!

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1 hour ago, Compound2632 said:

What's the push-up count?


"Ouch" is the only comment I'm prepared to give on that front.


8 minutes ago, Invicta1958 said:

All been interesting, followed you each day - now, whens that SER brake van out?!!! Keep safe and thanks again!


Thanks, keep an eye on the workbench thread (linked above) or ts3dmodels.blogspot.com for that!

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