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A bit off topic for RM Web, and about 12 months late for the Apollo 11 anniversary, here is my first attempt at the Airfix astronaut figure set.... 


These are made of slightly squishy vinyl rather than hard plastic. This can be hard to paint (ask my 12 year old self), but it turns out a quick coat of watered-down PVA glue works as a primer (leftovers from IKEA). Paint used is a mix of humbrol and revell enamel, with some cheap watercolour paint from The Works for weathering.


Think I will try assembling one of the moon buggies next. 



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I remember these, they were excitingly different from all the other Airfix sets, not least the buggies.


I also remember the difficulties of painting them, nice work.

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Thanks for this. I put one of the buggies together last night. Pretty easy to do, but it lacks quite a few details (seat backs, mudguards). I will try and add some of the missing bits and get it painted up. 

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I built the Revell Saturn V for the 40th anniversary, but there were still a few bits I didn't quite get around to until a year or two ago.

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