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Scrap Tank - cab details




Hopefully I won't disappoint anyone if I reveal that I don't mean interior details. Rather, I've added the spectacle plates, beading and vertical handrails on the outside of the cab.


For the spectacles I made use of the etch I made previously for the Banking Tank. I already had a spare copy from which I had "borrowed" some other part during construction, so I thought I would make use of this. On the Banking Tank, the spectacles were part of half-etched overlays for the cab front and back, so I had to cut these out and carefully file/sand around them. Here you see this operation done for the first of the front rings:



And here are all four. A major factor in deciding to reuse this etch was to save having to make the vertical bars across the rear spectacles by hand.



I then soldered them in place on the outside of the cab front and rear You see them in the next two photos. Although not perfect, I think the result is neater than I could manage by fabricating them.




Next up, I tackled the beading around the cab windows. This was made with 0.3mm nickel silver wire soldered on the outside of the body (a little subterfuge that works perfectly well). I toyed with using 0.2mm wire but decided it looked too thin. The photo below shows my technique, which is to solder one side, then bend around the corner, then solder the next side, and so on.



This is what it looks like when the whole side is complete. I file the ends to length after attaching the handrails.



Here's the finished article. The handrails are made from the same 0.3mm wire, cut over length, soldered behind the beading wire, then filed down to height. I find this simple method of construction is surprisingly effective, and it is not obvious at all that the beading is made from wire. The holes I had carefully drilled in the footplate for these handrails turned out to be in slightly the wrong place (of course), so I just soldered the bottom ends on top of the footplate.


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