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Deltic Prototypes - Bachmann Chassis Fully Fitted



After some more surgery with the razor saw (not a lot left of the original tanks now!)and some internal supports cemented in which were cut from sections of the Dapol floor, the body and chassis are finally joined to my satisfaction




The body is held in place really well with the "handrail" clip but I will re-use the nose end screws as a bit of belt and braces.


So, a bit of filling, fitting of the roof horns and the bodyside grilles and it's ready for a coat of primer.


I've started on the Lima body for DP1 #2 :blink:

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That's looking nice. It's a shame that the prototype Deltic used different bogies to the productions fleet - it's one area of the model that looks a bit dated now, if you compare them to the Bachmann sideframes.


You are doing a lovely job on it though B)

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