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Stour Valley Dream - Cattle pen progress

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Fen End Pit


I've been musing over the cattle pens for a few weeks now. The pen was at the end of the loading dock and, by the late 1950's was out of use and blocked by the construction of a grain loading facility.


The posts of the pen appeared to be disused rail so I opted the 3D print the posts. This was a lot easier than the prospect of breaking multiple drill bits trying to drill eight holes in 20 posts. Each of the posts is 19mm tall.




Cutting, bending and threading the wire of the rails was 'entertaining' but I'm pretty happy with the result. Once all in place the fragile posts make into quite a strong fence.




I've now got to make the gates and I've drawn these up ready to try and 3D print them in one go. It will be interesting to see if I can get them to come out.


While I was in 3D printing mode I did a couple of jobs for friends.


First up was a level crossing gate for a 4mm Irish narrow gauge layout.




This was quite challenging as I had to thread the wire rails through the resin before curing in the UV tank, it was much easier to do before the resin was fully hardened.


The second project was a signal finial for the same Irish layout, the originally being Saxby and Farmer I believe. That the flutes in this came out is impressive bearing in mind the base is only 4mm square!






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