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Connoisseur Kit's LNER J68 Part 3

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Norton Wood


Hello again, 


After a bit of work I have finished the building work on the J68, so it'll be a bit brief, but I would like a bit of help from the vast group of experienced modelers out there...




Anyway, the kit has reached a stage where the fittings have been going on. So since the last update, I've fitted all the cab and boiler fittings, for this I have used Araldite to hold these parts together, apart from the lifting lugs which I have been white metal soldered in place which has meant that the Air Vents on the tanks are now soldered in place too!!




Further work has moved to the fitting of the injectors and relevant pipe work. Plus the fitting of the brake blocks and brake rigging. This is where the problems are, since fitting the blocks and rigging I have found that the locomotive is Arc-ing when the power is running, now this has not happened before since I fitted the blocks & rigging. 


Further work has been carried out on the Vacuum, air pipes, Steam Heat Pipe work. The reason for painting this is prepared before being glued in, this is also because of the numbers on the buffer beam, my plan is once the decals are in along with the varnish I will glue the pipework using Araldite, but not too much as they need to look smart. Further work has included the Destination boards, interestingly the kit comes with two boards (Right) which I intend to put into the back of the cab on the brackets. Because I didn't see that these brackets, and disks I bought some more from Ragstone Models. The spare set which I now have can be used on the loco when running. Please note the really smart looking backhead and finished oil can. 







What I'd like to know is it the Rigging as it's so close to the track? The photo below is an old(ish) one, but I thought it might help. I have moved the brake blocks back away from the tyre, they are roughly 1.5 - 2mm away. So if you have any idea's to help me that would be appreciated. 





All in all the model is ready for painting, just a bit more cleaning to do before I put this into Primer, but it won't be too long before further work is carried out!!





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