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Connoisseur Kit's LNER J68 Part 4

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Norton Wood


Hello again,


So a lot has happened since the last blog so I'll bring you up to speed. 


In the last blog, I asked for some help regarding the ARC-ing, sadly no-one came forward to give me any hints or tips. So I took the logical step to go back and re-do what I had done, this was a whole afternoon spent trying to get the model to operate, firstly all the brake rigging came off and the engine ran fine. So what became a three hour process of elimination of what was wrong with the locomotive, with a result of the engine running very nicely!!




Following that, the model was cleaned again and again, before I decided to put the model into primer!




Great Eastern Works Grey anyone??


Anyway, following this the model was painted into black the following day, and just before I sat down to write this I'm just letting the extra's dry now!!







The model is starting to look the part now, the next job after I have given another brief coat of black paint in certain area's. Then this will be handed over to my good friend for the locomotive to be lined in both white around the buffer beam and red around the tank-sides, after this the next job will be to fit the decals to the locomotive. This will be to fit in with the Loco which I am looking to do which is No.7045. In addition to this I have also been working on the GER locomotive disks, you can see these in the background of the photo's above. 



Personally I think this will all be rapped up by the end of the next part!!

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