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Welcome back COVID modelling



With level 2 restrictions returning to NZ, my planned weekend at my local heritage railway ended before it started. Instead, I retreated to the garage in the face of worsening weather.


Photo Plank

The first thing I did was carry on building my small photo plank, called The Paint Shop. So far the track has been painted and blasted. I continued working on the concrete pad, painting the plasticard deck tan and building it up around the track. One the land was build up I proceeded to place down some finer ballast, intended to be dirt and grave disappearing into the grass.


Bricks and Mortar

Also, I managed to test out a new method of painting brick, as shown used by @Mike in his micros. Rather than adding the mortar last, it is painted first and the Humbrol 70 is dry brushed on. It was first practised on the peco yard crane base and looked amazing! Not yet content I began to repaint a Hornby water tower I had a duplicate if. It now looks far better than before with more muted colours. The plan is to finish the repaint soon


And as ever added to the ever-expanding mess.


Thanks for reading.


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