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After 10 years “Kingsbridge” Gets a Station



I realised this week it has been over 10 years since I started this layout, which was a bit terrifying. Life has a way of making things take longer than expected and the model of the station building at Kingsbridge is no exception. Thanks to those of you who have been with me since the beginning and all the commenters along the way, you have all helped keep me moving forwards, even if the pace has been a bit non existent!

Last time we left the building at the elevations stage, I matched the plans to my kit bash as best I could and tried to keep everything proper. I got through 3 station kits in total I think. With that done it was assembly time. 
I needed to get all the dividing walls in the right place, Dad had done his best guess at the floor plan from site pictures and book research, so I copied that.

I used the internal dividers from the kit and made the wider ones for the original  building using styrene sheet. I forgot to take any pictures until I got the roof on, I got a bit carried away.


This is the front elevation, original building on the left, extension on the right. Windows and doors were from Churchward, Ratio and Peedie Models etches. Some came from the Ratio kit. I am not sure all of them are absolutely correct but I had no way of checking.


Yard elevation. 
Chimneys are modified from the kit ones. I wrapped them in Slaters stone sheets to match the real ones.

The big holes in the roof are for the very tricky roof lights, which are a big part of the building. I used Peedie Models industrial windows etches for these, plus some scrap from the station kits. I thought about the side louvres and decided only a maniac with binoculars will see them from viewing distance. Here are the etched parts soldered up.


Next I made a surround and added some plastic at the ends, which hid some shoddy fit and made them a bit more rigid. They are a shade “heavy” vs the prototype but it was a compromise.


I couldn’t resist dragging the platform out of storage to test fit everything.  I think this is looking about 80% like the real location, it is a bit further back from the platform edge than I would have liked but if I bring it too far forward the bay platform will be too far behind the table end, which will not look right. This is a result of me not thinking about the station area as a whole model when laying out track, it was the first (so far only!) station I have ever modelled and the mistakes are legion. It was also the second baseboard I ever made.


So there it is, somewhere for passengers to alight at last.

Next will be painting, I have already finished that IRL since I stayed up til 2am the other night working on it!

So what are my future plans? I really need help with the back scene now, I need a 600mm high one about 12 ft long in total and have photos to use. The new Peco modular one is quite good for Devon hills as an alternative. Any thoughts on who could print me a photographic one?

I also intend to put the whole layout together to make all the board connections and get the second station board working, which needs a very large space for several weeks.





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We can help you set deadlines, just let us know :lol:


Very nice work on the station building, I'm a great fan of the  "composite" approach where you use bit and pieces from various sources.  Thanks for the tip on Peedie etches, I see they do 4mm too (although right now their site is down).


Afraid I can't help with photographic printers, but would be interested to know myself.

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Thanks Mikkel. I had a show deadline originally but as they are currently closed I need to think of a new way to make the last push.

Currently there’s a months work to get it running. I also need to design and build a fiddle yard.

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