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The Layout from Above and Below

Ray Von


Quick "aerial" shot of the layout.

The main line leading in will be fed by a traverser - there is a two island station with three arrival and departure platforms.  

These lines are isolated at about half way along their length and the isolated sections controlled by on/off toggle switches.


Opposite the station are three sidings, similarly isolated.  Two of the sidings will, at busy times, serve as a holding areas for waiting EMU's and diesel locomotives (plus or minus coaches.)

The "top" siding will represent an area unused by the railway, having since been taken on by a scrap merchant.  There will be a couple of engine sheds, converted into workshops and the siding itself will be occasionally visited by a shunter collecting or delivering small amounts of scrap metal, waste oil etc.


I've had a play around with it and, even without the traverser yet installed, it's a lot of fun to operate.  


With only one way on and off the layout there's a great deal of scope for running to a good timetable (along with dealing with all the "unforseen circumstances" that might arise on a normal day!)

I particularly like the way that the scrap yard siding becomes a "trap" that the shunter can't escape from while the adjacent line is occupied by a loco and coaches.  Like an old lady crossing a busy street, he has to nip in and out quick! 


Have included a shot of the wiring too, not very neat I'm afraid - but it works as planned! 


Next job will be adding third rail...IMG_20200821_152305201.jpg.1775677cece99bb363d4858dcfb926a0.jpg





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