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When I'm cleaning windows.....

Dave John


There are some things which just don’t scale, no matter what you do the real thing looks wrong in model form. Smoke and water are the obvious ones, but I’l add another. Dust. Scaled down they are not particles, they are lumps.


So I have been enjoying running the railway a bit, collecting info and deciding what to build next. However I couldn’t help noticing that the station had become a bit dusty and once you have noticed it it sticks in your eye. Time for some cleaning, after all we can’t have the folk from Helensburgh passing through and thinking how mucky Glaswegians are.


In previous blogs I have described my penchant for using magnets and the like so that things can be removed for maintenance. Time to put my theories to the test.


Notice anything missing?





There it all is on the bench ready for a really good clean. While I was at it I did a bit of lightproofing using Wenlocks tip of self adhesive foil and added some missing drainage.


Windows. There are rather a lot of them. Oh well, box of cotton buds and a bowl of water. Took a while but there they are, all nice and clean. Doing that in situ would be well beyond my eyesight.





All back safely in place.





Oh, and just for fun.





Mind you a few of those net curtains could do with a trip to the steamie. 

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  • RMweb Gold

Hi Dave, glad you found the foil tip useful :)  The lead photograph is really atmospheric, those background buildings are wonderfully atmospheric!




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  • RMweb Gold

What a treat. Like Dave I very much like that low-level shot of the station area.


Also some interesting views of the mirror trick, which works very well I think.

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