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Prototype Pictures- Unseen Demolition Photos



Having joined the 21st Century a bit more this month, with the heady speeds of fibre broadband arriving at home and a wireless printer scanner to go with it, I decided it was time to scan my only set of pictures.

Some context- The station building was demolished some years ago over a weekend in slightly dubious circumstances, the site is still just empty (very annoying.)

A friend happened to be passing and took these shots from inside the fence with permission. They show a lot of detail useful to modellers. 
There is a degree of colour loss in these, they are scans of 10 year old digital prints! I have also included one of my dad’s beautiful sketch drawings, he made extensive notes on the back to aid me in building from his plans. The annotated part helps locate the canopy brackets and down pipes.










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It was such as shame to see it there one Friday and then go past a few days later to find it gone. 

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Very useful photos, also for other projects, thanks. 


It's heartbreaking indeed to have lost it, especially since local protests seem to have prevented demolition first time round, if I understand correctly. Was it on private property? I suppose it represented a maintenance/restoration cost that someone wasn't eager to pay. There's a photo of the site after demolition here


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The site is still just empty, they did nothing with it. It was all a little dubious. 
At least the pictures can help people reproduce it in miniature. I have the plans as well, I will put those up somewhere too.

I am considering getting them made into a 3D printable model file as well.

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Some great pictures. As always with this branch everything seems to have been done in a back handed way. The demolition of the station buildings and the ripping up of the track just as the fledgling South Devon Railway were discussing with BR about taking over the branch for preservation. We can only wonder what a super preserved line this would have made meandering down the Avon valley. A mainline connection at Brent, 3 intermediate stations and a terminus within a short walk to the ferry to Salcombe. WOW!!!

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