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Update 35

Leith Centrl


In this Leith Central Update we take a time lapse look through the start of scenic work on the industrial area. Backscene is from ID Backscenes self adhesive range simply stock down on the back board.


Road surfaces are sand paper sprayed dark grey then mounted onto 3mm card. The Hard Standing is the same 3mm card base but this time topped with 1mm plasticard scored every 6cm to represent panels and occasionally chipped with a knife before being dibbled with various stone grey and concrete paints. All are glued down with wood glue before being given a coat of black and sleeper grime wash. Road Markings are from Scale Model Scenery and Pavements from Metcalfe.



The ballasting is laid in the same way as i showed on one of my earlier station updates but once dried is weathered with a thin black/brown wash and occasional dibbled effect.



Using the same side method as with the station the spacers are from 1mm plasticard cut to length. The completion of this will be done alongside the buildings for the area.


The Crane is a Ratio Kit and the building being modified (will be a feature in a later update) is from the Wills Modern Range.


Thanks for Watching. Please Like, Share and Subscribe for more.




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