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LNER 1935 -38 Exhibition Layout Mile End Park Part 7

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Norton Wood


It's  been a long haul since I did my last update on MEP, of course these things take time. Now like most layouts where work was able to be carried out due to the Lockdown, however my last update on the 5th of April 2020 was the last thing I was able to do before Lockdown and before the final stages of my Degree. Anyway what has happened since then...


Track work

Of course as Peco has been busy and I am sure the Double Slip will come out when it can, so recently a brief focus has turned to ballasting, now this is a job which I must admit I wasn't happy with so the likelihood of it remaining down on the board is low. However for a first go it's not too bad however there are issues with some ballast catching on the flanges of the locomotives & rolling stock.  You will have to trust me when I say that the photo does not do the work I have carried out any justice. Since that photo a lot of work was carried out to clean the track up and ensure smooth running. 






I have recently taken stock of a new LNER D16/3 No.8802, in recent history Hornby's LNER D16 suffered with poor weight distribution which in turn meant the locomotives would wheel slip and have a very low capacity to operate any significant load. Particularly on track which has any incline the locomotive simply will not pull it, so on occasion a run up was required to get it up there!! However a friend of mine bought the LNER Apple Green Claud 8900 'Claud Hamilton' now this seemed to operate in a much better way than either of our original LNER Black Claud's ever did (This was the first batch Claud No.8825) I recently took 8802 to operate on a layout which has gradients and is designed to haul to scale length trains and the locomotive performed beautifully. 8802 will replace my current 8837, as 8837 will be renumbered to carry another number as the original 8837 has the double snifiting valves which this model has. 



(Again you can see some of the poor ballasting work which I have had to clean up since taking this photo) 


This also ties nicely with rolling stock, however since building my LNER J68 in O Gauge and I recomend you have a look through, I recently gained a large amount of confidence to purchase & build brass kits of LNER locomotives for this layout. Hot off the press news @David Eveleigh is looking to produce the LNER(GER) T26 and for those interested the Little Sharpie. This locomotive will become a welcome edition to the MEP Fleet, with the potential of having 2 in the future. 



LNER E4 7504 seen here in 1936. This will be the locomotive I look to replicate... ( Photographer Unknown) 


Rolling Stock


On a final note, having found David's work on the internet I am very happy to be able to decide to look into ordering 5/6 of these lovely looking coaches from David. To begin with we will focus on the GER 6 Wheeled stock, and put them into the LNER Colour scheme which was effectively painted Teak. Not a nice colour for such lovely coaches but it is a necessary job. I may eventually purchase the same set again and look to do them in the GER Crimson colour scheme. Eventually I plan to have 4 of the 4 Wheeled Stock as one of the 6 Wheeler's will sit among the 4 wheeler stock. A much more cost effective way of modelling then purchasing a higher priced LNER mock up from the Hattons Genesis coaches. I will note that those coaches are great for people looking to get basic coaches for there Pre-grouping locomotives, and both being at a very competitive price David's product at £37 and Hattons at £30. Personally that extra £7 is worth the money as a modeler you can pay for the detail and the accuracy which the Hattons model will not give you if your a serious modeler like myself. 


D514-Brake-Third-1-800-x-400.jpg.178a9fbe8f16f4a9ab6ac922b82dcb65.jpg post-25673-0-11808100-1525079066_thumb.jpg.3b847c6da18f7642cb2390c6ac9ee2b8.jpg


(Photo's above are the property of eveleigh creations 2020) 



On another plus planning has begun for purchase of the Isinglass LNER 52-6 Teak coaches which were a regular site on the LNER(GE) Section, I have begun with purchasing drawings and within a few weeks of this coming out I should have the first of the 4/5 coaches required. The aim will be to use them in a variety of passenger roles mixing them with the Hornby 61ft 6in types as that was regularly seen on the LNER(GE) Section and something I wish to replicate. 




So all in all lots going on and lots being planned it's just a case of getting the beginning items for this layout together!!





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