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Future project?

Dave Holt


Having run out of steam getting the Black 5 chassis painted and not sure how to proceed with the Ivatt tank, I thought I might do some planning (scheming) and some preliminary work on a future project - a Brassmasters Re-built Royal Scot.

To add interest and a bit of a challenge, I decided to fit the model with working inside valve gear. The kit provides most of the prototypical frame stretchers but makes no provision for the inside cylinder or valve gear. My representation is not going to be exactly to scale but should be a fair representation using as many spare etched and other parts from various kits and left-overs, modified to represent the Scot parts as near as practicable.

Here are a few photos showing progress to date.

Frame plate marked out for inside cylinder



Inside cylinder laid roughly in position.



Inside cylinder with front section of valve gear in position.



Rear portion of valve gear, temporarily inserted into the mounting bracket, which will be attached to the rear face of the (kit) motion plate.



Connecting rod fixed to the cross head and located in the cylinder. Again, front portion of valve gear attached.





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The crank axle components are made but I haven't built up the courage to try silver soldering them together, yet. Loose assembly is seen here:



The wheels are Alan Gibson. I've had the front face of the rim skimmed to give scale width and also the front face of the boss has been machined to give scale stand-out from the rim (and shortened axles, of course). Hopefully, these mods will give a bit more clearance for valve gear and inside the splashers.

I might still move the latter out a bit, just to be sure.


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David, which loco are you modelling as there are lots of differences in balance weights. Some locos had Stanier style balance weights some on all wheels, some only on one or two axles. Let me know and I will sort out some photos.



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