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I finally got a couple of hours to play with the scenic board and both my grass machines. I have the WWS large one and their detail one, since they had a sale in summer. 
Here is the back corner of the board in 2011, basic ground cover done. I always intended a strong mix of texture on the line side to reflect wartime manpower shortages. 

I started by making a “shaggy embankment” mix, made of 1mm,2mm, 4mm and a few 6mm yellows to reflect autumn colours, there are 4 different shades and mixes in there, with regular changes of mix to add variety. I put this over a layer of thin high tack PVA.

Here is the same bank from the bridge reverse angle, after the first round of grassing.


I could have done with pulling the stalks of yellow up vertically a bit more as plants tend to grow straight toward the light, in this case it should be a bit more vertical but not visible from viewing distance.

A shot of the finished line side. Some tidying with a small paint brush is still needed along the track.

Spotters view from the bridge , now at the end of Hurrell Road.

The parapet here can be seen in this Google Streetview shot. My photo would be looking down hill from the left bridge parapet. The railway goes left to right in this picture, the cutting having been filled in in the late 70’s,

A view from the top of the hill, now the end of Hurrell Road.


The main field grass is 1mm and 2mm in a variety of colours. I am waiting for some 2mm yellow/tan to arrive to do more scenic shading and add the dead layer visible in October to December.

The same view today.


Looking down the hill from across the bridge in the first photo. We are under the small stand of trees next to the original track which winds down the hill to the farm.


The really observant amongst you may spot the frilly standard lamp that formed part of the stage set for Squeezebelly Lane, it’s lurking in the back of a couple of these shots.








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