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Yep, More Signals



Settling down to a nice session to finish the Stop signal. First off a hole was drilled in the lamp post bracket and the post to take the (still not arrived) LED wires, easily done with the pin vice. The wires will (hopefully) go down inside the post to keep things nice and tidy. Next the lenses got put in the spectacle plate, which had been attached to the arm. The kit came with some not over substantial sticky back plastic for this, but I chose to use some 'lens' material I'd got from MSE. Basically I drew round the hole for the lens with a round needle file point and they cut away with cutters to slightly over-size and job done. As with the dummies, the lenses were stuck in with a smear of Evostick. They are a bit on the Probably Should Do That Again side, but no one without a mirror is ever going to see the front!


The balance weight arm ... ah. I spent ages cleaning it up and drilling the holes for the rods/wires when it slipped out of my fingers and headed for the floor. No worries, I watched where it went. Despite a hands a knees finger tip search it has vanished. Time hole or quantum singularity? Who knows. I had to use the similar one from the bracket signal kit, which meat chopping a bit off. That kit is probably defunct now, which is a shame. Using super glue very carefully the balance arm and crank were fitted. I kept moving both on their pivots for a while in case the glue went walkabout. Now it's just waiting for the LEDs.





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