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Not Only Signals, But Also...



On the signal theme, the LEDs arrived from Layouts4u and much to my relief the wires are long enough to reach right down inside the pole. Another happy accident! These are supplied with the resistor at the other end from the LED which is great for signals, buffer stops and the like where hiding a resistor would be tricky. So, chopping the resistor off temporarily, the wires were twisted together (makes them more rigid, but still flexible) and poked down the hole where the lamp fits - and out from the base they popped. Solder the resistor back on and nicely done. The LED was glued in the lamp as per the dummies earlier. Wiring it up confirmed form and function.


On the lighting front, I came across those two little beauties on the Layouts4u site. The lamp at the bottom of the signal box stairs is coming out and one of these going in over the door, as per my box.   


And while the glue dries on the signal progress can be finally made on the crossing. It might not be all that prototypical (a footpath over a headshunt? Nah.) but I like the scene so there we are. I almost accidentley found that buying 200 6mm stirrers is a lot cheaper than driving to my previous supplier and buying a coffee. I've put the frames in place, and, when the planks are on top, it will all be titivated with some bits and bobs to make it look like it's there for some long forgotten reason (that's the cover story). That's a bit less re-ballasting too :-) I even remembered to leave a gap for the signal wire to the repeater. This will get put in before the planks go on to allow shaping the 'sides' to go over it. More waiting for glue to dry...






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