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No Signals. Almost.



The signal had a coat of white, where appropriate. Not overly exciting. The power supply I was using to test LEDs caused a ripple - the signal suddenly stopped working not long after glueing the lamp on... Supply the died. Replacement on the way. Ah for the days of popping down to the local electronics junk shop to rummage around for a replacement. Maybe not.


A coupe of signal wires are now in place. The castings of the pullies have gaps-ish above that, if drilled out,  would allow the wires to actually sit on the pullies 'properly' but broken 0.5 and 0.6mm drills kicked that idea into touch. The fall-back is to just the superglue the wires to the posts/pullies so they look nice. This is incredibly slow since the wires kind of want to do their own thing so each has to be held where it's wanted with bits of card with a clothes peg to provide tension. This is insanity, but should look cool when done. Hopefully.


The planks are on the crossing now the signal wire is done. I tried laying them one at a time but they seem to have a separate existence which involves refusing to stay put. So out with the Evostick to make up panels on the bench to just drop in place. Painting tomorrow when the glue has definitely gone off.




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