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Barry O


Haven't really managed to keep to date with the Blog.. too busy actually doing some weathering. One thing about using the inks is .. no airbrush! No cleaning up of airbrush..no ventilated spray booth but I do wear a good face mask using the powders!


I recently refinished a Hornby A4..


It had arrived from a customer to be sold on.. after a bit of rework on the chassis , new plates and a dose of weathering.




weathered A4s are nice.. the colour photos  (Keith Pirt took some lovely colour shots of A4s) of such machines show certain areas where dirt accumulates.. greasy, wet soot from the chimney leaves a large mark on the top of the cladding behind the chimney. Sadly it shows how overscale the cladding joints are..



 Incorrect tender and shouldn't have plates on teh can side.. but hey ho.. now sold on..


and something different.. Bachmann TTAs.. these have varied fuel spillage patterns in teh real photos I have seen..



These ones have dirtier chassis detail than the gentler oil spillage from the tank filler...


More soon






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