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more locos sorted..

Barry O


A number of locos have been laid aside for a while waiting new motors and gearboxes. Some have already been posted on here but I did  catch up a lot during lockdown.



This DJH WD had been built by someone else. The motor was out of mesh so.. a High Level Gearbox soldered to a cheap Chinese motor has been fitted  and a smidgeon of dirty weathering added.



This Wills 4F came without a motor or gears but did have a tender cab (used from Skipton as part of their "snowplow" duty locos. A misumi motor coupled to a High Level Gearbox fitted in easily.. not many more variations on a 4F to go!




A Model Loco Black 5 had a seized Portescap motor fitted. I stripped the gearbox down to component parts.. cleaned some very old very stiff lubrication out .. then had to free each axle as some where down the line this had been near a jar of Plumbers Mate or similar flux.. It took about 8 hours before i got it working then a coat of Halfords Satin Black, some hand lining by me and numbering.. then filthed with ink and weathering powders..


next up.. a few more locos...




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