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Too Many Ideas!

Ray Von


So the anticipated work that was going to take place has been postponed - not due to lack of materials, more to do with a surplus of ideas!

Last week I had a flash of inspiration and was thinking about adding an extra line at the rear of the layout.  This idea has since developed, and now influences the course of the build...


There was a problem to begin with re: one section of track being curved away from a straight section of platform.  All kinds of ideas were considered to remedy this little niggle.  Long story short, I decided to make this "problem track" into a siding and move the platform 1-2 up - between the "new lines."

I also have an issue regarding the fact that this new line now runs right through my intended location of the main station building, but that's another story...

Here are a two mock ups of the new configuration:IMG_20200912_135310981.jpg.afd103e395a92dbc17f31b0e684fe967.jpgIMG_20200912_135213265.jpg.24a6e5820b38dfc1e3e26de87b3e0890.jpg

The top image is obviously missing a set of points right now, the lower shows a more simplified "one-track" option (not sure about that one, but it would free up the area intended for the station building once more - albeit in relief.)

This new line would be fed from the topmost track of the as yet unbuilt traverser, and the rest of the layout being fed from the bottom track - as you can see the "problem track" is now a siding straddled by two platform-serving lines.

Still doing some head scratching about potential operating problems, which is the main reason for downing tools this weekend.


Would love some feedback! 


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