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Linkspan structurally complete!

Paul Robertson



So a busy day of modelling today with the aim of getting the Linkspan winding house structurally complete. 


Firstly I assembled the leg structure cutting the tops and bottoms of theain structural supports to get them sitting at an angle as per prototype. 



(leg structure coming on ready to be attached to main support structure made yesterday.) 


Having created the legs a quick check was made to ensure the legs lined up with the 'concrete' pile caps. 



(initial trial location to check they all match up) 


Having done that it was time to make the roof. My first time making a hipped roof and lots of scrapping and shaving required to get the fit correct. Once relatively happy with it lots of styrene was used to cover up the gaps around edges! It's amazing what a little styrene will do! 


Some thin balsa was stuck on the roof to indicate machine access doors should they need replacing and then a personnel door. Finally a walkway was created again with thin balsa with a kick rail as well. 



(completed winding house with removable roof for later addition of lighting) 


Below are some shots of the winding house in its proposed location. 








Just some handrails, winding gear, control kiosk and some stairs up the structure to put in but that can be for another day. I'm pretty pleased with the overall structure. Nothing stuck down yet as I want to paint it all first. 


Thanks for reading




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