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New Line and Station Building Mock Up

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Ray Von


I went about laying the "New Line" at the rear of the layout today, I don't have the "Streamline" large radius points I really want to use at the moment, so progress has halted at the point work - I have put the medium radius points in the pic for reference.

The track was laid the way I've found works well for me - positioned by eye, checked with a 6' way gauge, marked out with pencil and then fixed down semi permanently using double sided tape.  Checked again by eye and 6' gauge, pressed down firmly and then track-pinned into place at about every 6" (as this is Flexi track, holes were made in sleepers using an Archimedes drill.)  Each track has an isolated section at the station end of about 12" - these will be wired to on/off switches to enable loco's to remain halted "on layout" the remainder of the line and point work is permanently live.


I've been doodling and sketching plans for a potential solution to the problem that adding the extra line threw up - IE, it runs thru the spot where the station was meant to go! 

  With a lot of help from RMweb over here:

I've come up with what I think is quite a neat little plan:IMG_20200914_105428982.jpg.7ebf5febc0198b76d8e8e0c7e40af432.jpg

Here is a mock up using card and some model kit pieces:IMG_20200915_132050451.jpg.672939889ae9de9f451da23354b56858.jpgIMG_20200915_132109414.jpg.d1933e72ac8214b00c22f785e5346e94.jpg

I like this plan because of its simplicity - it's essentially just a block that occupies a very small area in the far corner of the layout.  It has a minimal impact on the operation of the layout too, I've only had to move the original platform and tracks along by about 4" and in doing so  have solved a second issue that was bothering me -  how to get passengers from platforms 1-2 to 3-4 without extensive remodeling.

I've had a Southern Region Footbridge in storage from another layout for some time and was keen to use it, but before this plan came to mind the gap between platforms was three lines - the model in question spans only two.  Now the bridge fits nicely over the narrowed divide.


Here are a couple of shots of the layout from the approaching end:


As you can see there is space enough left to lengthen the platform if I choose to (the stock I currently run are all four coaches in length - give or take.) 

The nearside line of is only fixed in place up to the point where it curves inwards, this is to keep it flexible until I get the large radius points that I would prefer.  


I hope this post has been of interest, next job will be adding the final sections of track and wiring it up, plus affixing more third rail! 

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That looks good, although I'd have been tempted to have a bit more space between the gable end of the station building and the locomotive that is sitting in your rear platform.  A locomotive hitting the buffers would likely put them through the station building!


Also, is there any scope to add a connecting line between the approach to the second platform from the rear and that stabling siding that you have between platforms 2 and 3?  That would allow you to run a locomotive between the two parts of the station.  That is, although platforms 1 / 2 and 3 / 4 may serve different destinations, I'm assuming there is only likely to be one locomotive depot in the area at the time period you are modelling.

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Thank you so much for the feedback, the station building is just "plonked" for the picture, I will probably trim it down by 1/3 or so, also I've left room to stretch the main platform a bit too.

Would love to join the two lines, but space is limited and that dictates manoeuvrability back and forth over point work.  But, thinking of the future - I see this layout as a good "central section" whereupon I can extend left and right into longer sidings and platforms.

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7 minutes ago, Ray Von said:

Would love to join the two lines, but space is limited and that dictates manoeuvrability back and forth over point work.  But, thinking of the future - I see this layout as a good "central section" whereupon I can extend left and right into longer sidings and platforms.


I was thinking about replacing the curve that lies between your double slip and the straight part of your stabling siding between platforms 2 and 3 with a turnout and then connecting that to the gap that you currently have been the medium radius point that you've laid in place and the track that forms platform 2.  What I was thinking about was the possibility of bringing a light engine from your track work at the bottom right of your photograph into that stabling siding, and then reversing via the link I'm suggesting to roughly where you have laid the medium radius point and then drive into a rake of coaches that are stabled in platform 2 ready to form a train to wherever that line goes.  It's just a movement that is slightly different.


I can see how you could extend the layout, but if you do that then you'll have a fifth platform between platforms 2 and 3.  At the moment, it's less than a coach in length, but if you extend it, it could take a proper sized train.  You might want to consider that before you number your platforms.

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It's a fantastic idea and it would work, but I have some manual uncouplers that are controlled by rods in the area concerned - I'm definitely going to look at it.  In my mind platforms 1-2 are EMU commuter / goods services and strictly "in and out", platforms 3-4 and the facing sidings are diesel passenger traffic with facility for uncoupling and stabling, plus EMU's. The short siding - front left, is for a (semi fictitious) rail served scrap yard. Phew! 


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