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It's Finally Coming Together...



At long last The Signal is done! Hoorah! The lamp lines up with the lenses, it's fully painted, the control rods work correctly and it's installed. Now I've got a Train Set :-) It's had to move a bit though, so the dummies are a bit ahead of it - somewhere there will be a prototype ;-) This was due, again, to the underlying geology - another stratum of wrongplacius shale due to a four inch tectonic shift between the formation being created and the layout being, er, laid out. Luckily some angular drilling got the wires and control wire through. Attaching the servo is going to be fun (he said, thinking that rod-in-tube to the baseboard edge with servos mounted there might be a plan). Now all I've got to do is fit the associated signal wires and the pulley assembly I made earlier. The signal is glued to a couple of old sleepers to get the height, and these are Evosticked to the baseboard, as are/will be all the signals - just in case...   I'm right pleased with this, it's way beyond what I did before on layouts. Need to have a word with the S&T about leaving tools lying around.








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