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Mini Blog - Third Rail, Wiring and Beach Sand Trial.

Ray Von


Just a few quick pics of the last bit of third rail I can lay before more arrives in the post and some detail of wiring on the insulated track sections:


Laid in the now traditional way - held in place with Blu-tak and then glued at intervals with super glue, which seems to be "drawn in" to the gap between rail and sleeper by percolation (?)  Some gets on the edge of the rail inevitably, but is usually quite easy to remove with a blade once thoroughly dried.


You might be able to see some yet to be removed in this pic.  Plus detail of isolated track joiners:



Isolated section power feed (ready soldered fishplates) connected via on/off toggle switches on what will one day be "Platform 2":



The view from down the line:


Lastly, a quick experiment with local beach sand (not rinsed or sifted!) on a piece of offcut track:



Promising, but I'll probably opt for shop bought play sand....

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