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Johnson Street IEMD: The rollercoaster ride continues

16th September 2020


Its been quite a busy time for those paying attention to the world of the Class 90, Freightliner have not that long ago acquired Greater Anglia's 90s with them going to EMUs, they have also been in the process of reliverying several of these into G&A Orange and black and even more recently than that, they have started putting some of them into service, even those which were are still in ex-GA are now working on FL workings, which tehnically means Freightliner have FIVE different livieries all on the go at any one time, Grey, Green, Powerhaul, G&W and ex-GA.


Over in the DB camp, there has been the sad news that Grand Central are no longer taking trains, (more precisely 90s, dvts and five carriages) to Blackpool North from London Euston, so 90s 026, 029 and 020 should be back at Crewe IEMD in their stunning Black and orange liveries also, their future unknown, over at the paintshop, 90037 has been liveried into DB red with a striking and rather unique gliding livery and named at Knottingley depot yesterday, in addition to this, Malcolm Rail 90024 has been back on test, with classmate 90034 down to Stafford, and back to Crewe. I cant believe I missed this, not only because I knew that it was due back through - as it has been recently reinstated having been out of the active DB90 pool for over a year and had been having an exam at Crewe IEMD, before going out on test, but also because it was paired for the test run with 90034, one of my four or five favourite DB 90s, an unusual pairing as the first time they have been together in these liveries, Malcolm and DB Blue, a DB90 pairing that doesnt feature an EWS or DB 90, and also two of my soon to be four Bachmann DB 90s - who said train spotting was fun !!!


90034 is the father figure of the DB pool, it literally does everything there is to be done,


go and do work for GA on GEML, done

go and work for East Coast for ECML, done

go back to GEML and sit around at Ilford for a year, done

go and retrieve a broken down 66, done

go and do 4m25, for Malcolm, done

go out on test with team mate Malcolm , done,


Disappointing is that I was on annual leave and would have gone to Yorkshire or even Stafford station to see either happen, but ended up missing out on both, despite being on a daily 90 bulletin group and signed up to wnxx.com.


Still, there usually is a flipside, DB 90 number four, could now take a further twist, in a positive light, 90018 was the loco I was going to go with, having originally planned a ficticious take on 90030 in ex-EWS DB

05_03_20 - 90024 and 90034 parked up - 1.jpg

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