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Gaining control...

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Paul Robertson


Having constructed kiosks for traffic marshals there was a further one required for the upper linkspan where the control gear should be kept to operate the structure. These are usually small kiosks perched on the end of the Linkspan to give maximum visibility for the operator. Having looked at a few examples I didn't think my standard design used so far would be suitable. The kiosks I I could see on prototypes were more like rounded grp kiosks like those produced by glasdon without a roof overhang. 



(grp rounded edge design) 


To create this kind of look I needed it to be all balsa on the outside so I could sand down the edges. I did however provide a bit of styrene strip on the inside to give a bit of rigidity. 



(initial kiosk looking a bit boxy) 


Once constructed I sanded down all the edges to give that more rounded feel as well as trying to sand the corners of the windows a bit as well. 



(neater and more round looking after sanding. Also a comparison to the other kiosk design I made) 


Then came mounting onto the Linkspan bridge. My first location fouled the winding housing structure so moved along right to the end and built a little landing round the back which will require handrails when I get round to buying some. 



(initial location too close to upper structure. Managed to knock off legs of structure whilst testing location) 



(new location right on edge of Linkspan Bridge.)



(final location of Linkspan control kiosk) 



(and a shot from the vehicle deck of the nord pas de calais) 



(finally a shot down the Linkspan showing both types of kiosk) 


Thinking about painting shortly might start on the Dock walls first as they aren't particularly visible so can hide all my mistakes! 


Thanks for reading

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