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New normal...



I was deeply suspicious of this term, considering how rapidly it appeared, so where in fact are we? 


- judging by a recent day trip to Wells-next-the-Sea, ongoing observations at Ferry Meadows and occasional lunch out, “social distancing” appears to be falling into widespread disrepute and increasingly, observed in token form only, probably due to its inherent unworkability

- do we still have police? Apart from the occasional squad car screaming round the Parkway, I don’t recall when I last saw one. 

- stock levels in retail appear to be low to non-existent, and a lot of suppliers are doing nothing more than passing on orders to the same drop-shippers. I’ve just sourced some Yamaha clutchplates, but it took several attempts to actually find some in stock, including two suppliers who both accepted the order, took the money and then not only couldn’t supply, but had no idea whether they had despatched or not. Refunds are presently outstanding. I certainly won’t be ordering anything else until they are received, and any future orders will be contingent on confirmation of stock availability. From what I hear, this seems to be increasingly common. 

- I’ve stopped carrying cash altogether, because I just don’t use it. Apparently Royal Mint has no plans to produce £1 or £2 coins this year. 


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Wells- Next-The Sea... Ah you went to visit all the rich Londoners, which explains why no facemasks, locals to Norfolk can't afford to live at Chelsea on sea anymore..

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The term isn’t new, but in context it appears to date from a paper by Sandman and Lanard about “managing perceptions and attitudes arising from fear and uncertainty” during the 2005 “bird flu” epidemic (hence also, the name “Exercise Cygnus” for the study of epidemiology and precautions commissioned by the U.K. government in 2016). 





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in Peterborough?

The last one I saw was an unmarked Car that stopped behind me whilst changing a wheel on Nene parkway, glad of the blue lights.

other than that the police station round the corner is unmanned and they get their coffee from the coop next door

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I wasn’t aware there were any remaining police stations in Peterborough, manned or unmanned; I thought they’d all retired to the Fortress of Solitude at Thorpe Wood. 


They were out the other night, closing off a section of the Parkway.. seems to be their main activity, these days. 

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