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Small architectural details...

Paul Robertson



Large chunks of modelling time over the weekend had been spent constructing some wooden trestle legs out of wood I had lying about. Those are still work in progress but very much needed to get the layout off the carpet and away from little fingers and accidental bumps. 


Tonight was my first model night of the week and so I first tried to make some gully grates out of balsa wood as I'm trying to cut down on the amount of money I'm shelling out. Unfortunately it wasn't a success so I need to go back to maybe something brass etched or another alternative. 


Anyway I then decided to have a bit more detailing on the station and doing a bit of filling with some balsa filler.



(the filler I've been using and the model behind with extra shadow details between the windows that mirror the detailing on the lift shaft.)



(additional detailing around doors and the first floor roof line) 



(finally, where it will sit on the railway with the arches beneath.)


I have the hardboard ready to create the back scene and when this goes up I can create a walkway from the station towards the ferry to indicate how foot passengers from the station would get across. 


The station now needs a coat of balsa sealant before painting begins. I'm thinking a base white render feel with lots of staining and streaks. Windows will be put in after that. I'm thinking of penning window frames on clear plastic and have some fine ink pens on order. 


Thanks for reading





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And as if by magic you answer my earlier question about passenger access! Guess I should read the whole blog first and then ask questions!


Looking great!

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