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Painting the billboards...

Paul Robertson



You might have seen sometime back that I had created a sign sheet with some billboards. To test the theory and the new range of acrylic paints that I had just got I thought I would knock up some billboards and give it a go at painting them. 




This was the sort of look I was going for which seem pretty standard with a timber close boarded base. So once again it was out with the balsa wood and marking and cutting 



(a base blank marked out with the dims of the posters I had created on the computer) 


I scored the timber work into the base of the balsa sheet and then cut out thin strips of balsa to represent the frame around the edge. IMG_20200925_194343.jpg.838482e332a92ee46dba71c780676057.jpg

(balsa framework fitted) 


Finally I cut some thicker balsa strips to stick to the back to represent the support structure.



(balsa structure ready for painting) 


Once this was done it was out with the paint. I diluted the black with a bit of water as I wanted to ensure the scoring in the bottom part of the billboard stood out. 


Having painted them all black I then went round the boarder in white which some prototypes had. 


Having done that I then printed out the adverts. It took a few different attempts to get a good quality at such a small scale. 



(a penny for scale) 


I was getting impatient (always a bad thing in modelling) and just wanted to get the posters and Jc Decaux label on. Hence the painting was not quite as crisp as I might have got it. 



(view of both with penny for scale) 



(close up of first. The white paint actually looks a bit distressed due to my rushing it!) 


The other advert is my favourite chocolate brand. Hopefully tomorrow I can get round to completing the carpentry on the trestle legs. I will keep you posted


Thanks for reading






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