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Stour Valley Dream - strange wagon loads

Fen End Pit


I found pictures of a couple of interesting wagon loads on the Stour Valley line at Clare and Sudbury.



I asked on the Scalefour Forum what these might be, wondering if the round tank might be a septic tank. In the end the consensus of opinion was that the cylindrical tank was probably a pressure vessel being installed as some kind of industrial plant. I decided to have a go and make them as wagon loads. I modeled these up and printed them out. I also modeled up a Fibre-glass septic-tank just for the fun of it.





As wagon loads these look pretty good.






Finally, and connected to my plans for a 16mm narrow gauge shed, I modeled up a bench vice based on the drawings in Roy Link's excellent Crow's Nest tramway book. I now need to make a workbench to attach it to. This is a cruel enlargement, the vice is actually 32mm tall.






Lots of fun projects.


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Interesting and unusual wagon loads, indeed. In my view (I was a professional pressure vessel engineer for most of my career) the cylindrical tank would have been a very low pressure or atmospheric storage tank for some liquid or other. The pressed ends are too flat a profile for any significant internal pressure. Your model look fine.


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Ok, the round one does look a bit like a whisky still....... 


Nice prints, I keep my eye on 3d printing, one day. 

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11 hours ago, Dave John said:

Ok, the round one does look a bit like a whisky still....... 


Nice prints, I keep my eye on 3d printing, one day. 

I thought it looked a bit like a vital part of the Manhattan project myself!

I just hope MI5 aren't monitoring my internet searches while I was looking for pictures of stainless steel pressure vessels. Most seemed to be associated with the engines of ICBMs


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