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The RBO Is In Place. And Barrow Crossings.



In between bouts of fitting fishplates, which I do while waiting for glue to dry etc as it's a tad tedious, the RBO has been planted. Rather to my surprise the papier mache holds it ok without any Engineering. Some shuffling of branches needed, and a repair, but all good. I'm not entirely sure about this yet, it's growing on me (yeah, ha ha ha). At least now the Tree Construction Sub Group site is/has moving/moved, the houses have emerged into the light. Need to think how exactly the run down street bit is going to work.


The utterly pointless barrow crossing continues to grow. Between the two bits in place I'm going to do a clay walkway/track type of thing to prevent it ending up looking like a WW1 trench system.


The Warship photo is just because.






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