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Massive Baseboard advance part 2



A minor update since the last entry and a track plan of sorts as promised.  The extra length I have allows the station throat to be stretched over 5 or 6 feet as opposed to being cramped within three feet as before - much smoother curves and hopefully a better alignment and running


First a photo update showing more flexi track laid along the curve:




And now a drawing of the projected layout of the main lines. I'm hopeful of adding a small goods yard off the single slip on the extended head shunt 'below' the running lines .... will actually map that out on the real boards when the main lines are done




If you are wondering about a trailing cross over from DM to UM that is off to the right, there is one, to the left of the photo.

thats it for now ....


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One massive advantage of the new plan, without the facing and trailing crossovers crossing each other as in the old compact layout of the station throat, is that from an electrical point of view the wiring is much simpler.  In the old, both crossovers could not be simultaneously reversed as it would cause a short at the diamond crossing, in effect I needed interlocking for electrical as well as operational reasons.  Now, it will be just for operational / signalling reasons, much easier to wire. Avoiding DCC as yet, I plan to have the track feeds at the destination end, i.e. arriving trains will be fed by an 'arrivals' controller that can be switched to each platform end track, and departing trains from a controller at the fiddle yard end, I will still need to ensure by some means that the two controllers don't get inadvertently  connected!

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