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Transfer window complete...

Paul Robertson



Have completed the ferry painting I then wanted to try putting on the transfers. I had created the designs on Microsoft publisher having copied the ferry logo off a downloaded jpeg. Unfortunately the jpeg quality wasn't good enough quality just to scale it up so I redrew it using the block shape tools in the software and tries to get the colour as close to the original as possible. I had purchased some transfer paper off the Internet and printed off a sheet. 


(transfer paper printed off) 


The boat name seemed a bit big so scaled it down and reprinted on the same sheet (this stuff is expensive!). 


Having read the instruction sheet it recommended applying 3 coats of acrylic sealer on top to prevent the ink running. Another quick purchase later and sealer was purchased. 



(first application of sealer) 


This stuff is really smelly so having had many complaints from family members the next applications were applied outside. 


I trialed one of the oversize ship nes on a spare bit of ply to see how well they went on



(trial transfer completed) 


Happy with this I decided to tackle the less visible side first as a trial run. I had made plenty of airfix kits in my youth so assumed this would be something similar. Indeed it was although due to the size of the transfers I needed to keep some of them in the water a minute and a half to fully wet the back and get the transfer to slide. First attempt for the logo failed as it stuck in the wrong place and my attempts to move it bent it out of shape. So used the other one which eventually did work. Cut out the lining and transfered them onto the model as well. Once the lines were on then on with the ship name. The result was the below



(first side complete) 


Due to my mucking up the first transfer I had to reprint a sheet and then spray finish it all again. Very time consuming. 


Lessons had been learnt from the first side and the other transfers went on much easier. 



Using a big oven tin filled with water. to give enough room for some of the longer transfers. 


The final result was this



(Nord pas de calais in Dock in its new livery) 


Pretty happy with the result. Deciding whether to weather it at the moment although looking at photos the ferries seem to be kept very clean when in service. I have some laser cut handrails on order now to finish off the rear the ship. 


Now in the process of applying my resin balsa coatings to the rest of the structures. 



(other structures getting a similar treatment) 


Thanks for reading

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