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16mm photo-plank - more workbench details

Fen End Pit


I made some progress on the workbench today. I 3D printed a range of bolt heads to add to the timber to hold it all together. I just drilled tiny .7mm holes and stuck them in place. Good(ish) weather meant for a nice afternoon walk and I was able to find a bit of twig which I used to make a log on which to mount the anvil.




I've continued to make more tools for the bench, the range of difference size files and tongs is increasing nicely. From my pictures of old forges it looks like you can never have too many pairs of tongs. I also decided to model up some ammo boxes because there were quite a few lying about the shed at Thelkeld, someone will probably tell me I'm wrong, but the auction site I was checking out the pictures on claimed that the blue one was ex-RAF. I probably need some half-worn off stenciled markings.




I think the overall effect is coming along rather nicely. I think I need some trays for the tools and probably some screwdrivers.




I think the next thing is to try and make a forge, I'm not sure what form this will take, I think I have the option of something brick like this




or a cast one like this.




Any views anyone?



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