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Streamline P2/2 Modification Part 2

Norton Wood


The following day I posted the upgrade to my LNER P2, I found that the 1.5mm square brass had arrived. 


So following this, I decided to put my hands to building the Walschaerts valve gear for my P2/2. ( Or is it a P2/3??) 


Sitting down to do this required a lot of concentration, however I was able to steadily develop the valve gear. It's easier if the photo's do the talking... Which show each stage of the build. The hardest part was drilling and fitting the pin into the piston head and adjusting the union-link & combination leaver.





(Above) Probably the hardest part of the build, drilling through the little end, break or damage this and you destroy the model, as there are no easy replacements. But all went well, and it runs smoothly. 








Sadly due to a mistake on my part, the Eccentric rod which goes to the Expansion link broke while I was soldering the model together, so I will need to contact Grahame King for 2 replacements, and I will also need to find a suitable replacement for the main pin to connect to the Big End on the loco. 




Nothing too major, it's unlikely I will post anything more on this as the loco is 95% complete so I do hope for those who followed the project from its inception to now have enjoyed it and I look forward to a bit more Modification madness in the future. 



Post Edit: 


Hi, I have carried out one more extra task which is the replacement of the nameplates, the versions fitted to the model were from Narrow Planet, having looked at the real locomotive and with the NP versions fading into a darker colour rather than retaining the original colour I decided to replace them with Silver Tay versions. This is the results below and I am far far happier with these. 






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