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Scrap Tank - more details



Next I added some remaining details - the clack valves are impressions made by threading two short lengths of brass tube of 0.6mm and 0.8mm outside diameter onto a length of 0.4mm brass rod. All three of these came in a useful pack from Albion Alloys. They were covered in flux then soldered on with a small amount of solder, before bending the pipe to curve under the boiler. 



Fiddlier to make were the next bits, which I **think** are controls for the sandboxes - they sit either side of the smokebox. These were made in three pieces: a length of brass tube was soldered on to a 0.2mm nickel-silver rod, then the handles of the "tap" at the top were made by soldering another length of nickel-silver rod at right angles. Rather than trying to hold in place a tiny sliver, I used a much longer length which could be stuck down with double-sided tape, leaving one hand free to hold the other piece and the other to wield the soldering iron:



The next photo shows one of these after cutting to size. I got quite good at making these because I mangled two by trying to solder them to the footplate, before giving up and using Araldite!



Finally we see these parts glued onto the model. The body is finished now except for coupling hooks and the lump of coal in the bunker, so shortly it will be time for the dreaded paint shop...


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