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Another Wooden Wonder - Timber Tracks GWR 4 Road Engine Shed Conversion - Part. 4



Be careful what you wish for @gwrrob;) 


So after 18 months or so on (& off the bench), the Engine Shed is finished and currently en-route (as I type) to it's final home temporally - as it's got to go to the layout builders in Taunton next week. 


Anyhow on with the final part and where I left off - the roof or tiling nightmare as I like to call it (to be fair Bramley was quite poorly at the time - so I was not quite with it).








Ridge tiles were created using my Infini Cutting Mat & 6mm Tamiya Masking tape.









Masked up ready for the roof to be painted






Back from paint & unmasked, the roof is done (apart from weathering).






Next up was the the guttering and downpipes - the downpipe brackets are by Modelu, once these were on I added  some of the machinery to the interior that I'd made in part 3.








Now I was on to the weathering, I used airbrush and powders on the roof and for the soot inside and up the front walls above the entrances (this got toned afterwards) and Flory Dark dirt wash for the walls.









Got some bits (all Modelu) ready for paint and a loco crew for another project).






With all the various bits for the interior painted they were added to shed.









With a few finishing touches, the shed is done - for now, as once it's in situe on my clients layout, there will be staff and few other details added.


Time for the big reveal..























And that's all for this build.


Till next time 






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  • RMweb Gold

Nice work as always. It's nice to see the Timber Tracks range getting a bit of exposure through your posts. I wonder if anyone will take over the range.  It would be a shame otherwise.

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  • RMweb Gold
13 hours ago, Mikkel said:

Nice work as always. It's nice to see the Timber Tracks range getting a bit of exposure through your posts. I wonder if anyone will take over the range.  It would be a shame otherwise.


From what I've been told, due to the popularity of the range, they've put off retirement for now.

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  • RMweb Gold

good to hear that they are still going, I keep thinking about seeing if I can get the ends from the type D goods shed and the rest of the type C in order to kit bash into the shed for Brent.  It would need changes to the door and canopy for the loading area which doesn’t look too difficult to scratch built, but would also need the height width of the ends changing to fit which I guess could be more involved needing to change roof components.  At some point I might even get round to emailing them and seeing if it’s possible...

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  • RMweb Gold

Oh yes before I forget, I have a photo of the shed base in situe at the layout builders..





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