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As a proud owner of some Tillig track, but no layout plan i spent a moment deciding on the next step, which should be a simple, self-contained one to maintain some momentum and to get some more insights into the complexity of DCC. I plumped for installing a single HO point, which i would have to make from a kit and then mount on a small board where it could be controlled by a DCC driven point motor. 


The point was relatively simple to build mechanically with the rails sliding into position and some simple trial and error bending, however the real challenge came from the electrical connections which were a bit out of my league, so i resorted to soldering wires to the bottom of the rails. The complexity of locating the Cobalt IP digital motor was managed by following this tutorial from Chadwick and only required a small bit of rejigging once the holes were drilled; the wiring was very simple and worked first time.


Not sure how this builds into a next step, but this was a satisfying one!



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