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Back In The Saddle Again!




Hi all


Well what it is to be back earlier than anticipated, after amazing support from my local NHS all's well. I have spent much time thinking and planning my next moves on the layout. I quickly realised that finishing the clear out in the garage needed to be a priority and so I have started making more room thanks to some garden storage boxes I have installed in an unused area beside the house. I have also resumed work on Northumberton Station building which is based on Acklington Station. Based on the Metcalfe cottages I built I am reducing the amount of interior detail planned as at the distance the buildings will be viewed you simply can't see it. I am going to add light "boxes" behind each window with an image of the interior printed on. The station building has very small windows based on the prototype so even this simple image will be hard to see but it will be nice to see the lights coming on during the evening.


Just before Christmas I was able to get hold of the Metcalfe "Town End Cottage" and I've really enjoyed building this up. I'm fitting lights and have included the "scene behind the window" approach shown below. Loads has been written about the construction of Metcalfe and Super Quick kits so I'll not give too much detail but would say that although many recommend a certain glue I find having a range is the most useful (horses for courses). I use Rocket card glue, Super Phatic, Pritt stick, UHU and Evo Stick PVA.


Room interiors:



I also used a few techniques shown in my last blog entry. As I received them as a gift I'm using the Woodland Scenics Just Plug lighting system on this cottage with the addition of some led's from Viesmann which I had from a previous layout (they have built in resistors so can be connected directly to the Woodland Scenics light hub.


Behind the Window:

Curtains are from the internet, scaled down, cut out and then a strip of scrap card is glued to the edge. This offsets the curtains to give a sense of depth. These are then glued to the rear of the windows making them just visible on either side. The "Room" IMG_20201230_173630.jpg.4737e9ce151aa6b709dcd626f940e75d.jpgimage is again from the internet reduced to about 30mm high. This is folded into the shape shown and glued in place behind the curtains. 













This section has been work carried out around January so I'm writing an update to publish next week, Two more buildings completed plus updates on the DCC wiring that has caused much angst!


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