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Been A While...



Musicing has been occupying me somewhat over the last few days, but bits and bobs have been done. Wanting to do the claying between the two crossings at the station end I realised that the Curse Of The Point Rodding and it's associate Signal Wires could not be avoided. So a ruck of single stools was made, together with a set of buffer stops for the end of the General Goods road. The stools are mounted on squares of cork, as I've concluded the cork, when painted with 'Concrete', gives a good representation of old concrete peeking through the ballast. Bits of sleeper dosen't look so good. (There's the first "I've finished, oh.." project). Seeing as the track is quite curved (in prototype terms) I spaced the stools at 'going round corners' spacing - this was probably not necessary, I wouldn't do it again. They look a bit too close.


Signal wire posts and pullies are in place, and a couple of wires placed - which means the dummies are (finally!) placed. The delay was the lenses, it's a bit of pain trying to cut out a small circles and took a few attempts for the first batch, but weirdly all six when fine this time. But it is fiddly....  The exciting tool I bought, usually referred to as a leather punch, was a complete failure. The tubular 'blade' on each prong is a casting and the pad it cuts against is metal, so, even with some wood (good old stirrers) the 'blade' blunts to uselessness after one use. Hey ho! Looks like I going to have to get another pulley etch - two short! That's annoying. The signals are a bit crammed in, but that's deliberate to get the longest possible trains in. I have no idea why that matters to me, but there we go.


The buffers the usual Peco jobbies (there's something about them), but as this set are destined for a siding end I cut the lamp off. I now have a spare lamp. I have no use for. That I can't find. It's on the floor. Somewhere.


The lamp over the ground frame is in place, a little bit of rodding to go in there. Also finished is the barrow crossing, bar painting. A few more signal wires and I finally get to do the claying that I was going to do right back at the start.


Fishplating continues during occasional bursts of enthusiasm.


The photos are general shots of stuff that's been done, with a lot of construction clutter taken away. The ones looking towards the signal box with the clayed siding in view give a view not possible in the real world, but it's nice to see it "works" from their too.







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