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Slow, Raised ironworks...

Paul Robertson


Having completed the painting of the structure the next task would be to complete the roads. I won't be able to do the lower Linkspan until all the track is laid and this requires the ferry to be fixed down. However the upper linkspan and concrete viaduct road deck can be completed. 


Before I can put the road deck in (das clay) I bought some laser cut ironmongery from scalemodelscenery. 



(painted the sheet with a very watered down black paint a couple of times) 


The das clay will be quite thick (4mm) so I need to raise the gullies and manholes up to get to the right level. I cut out some 4mm balsa to the size of the ironmongery and stuck it down where I want them. 



(balsa stuck down) 


I don't want light coloured balsa showing through the gully grate so painted the tops black. 



(tops of balsa painted black) 


Whilst tiny the gully grates and manholes were relatively easy to remove from the sheet with a craft knife and then carefully stuck down to the balsa



(gully grates located) 



(manholes positioned) 



(finished layout ready for surfacing) 


To give an idea of size here is a 1p piece for scale:



(fiddly but hopefully worth it) 


The next job will be to roll out the das clay and cut inserts for the ironmongery. 


Thanks for reading

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I have some of these in my kit box but have not got round to using them yet. I will be interested to see the result with the DAS. Does the prototype have a camber?

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42 minutes ago, goldngreen said:



I have some of these in my kit box but have not got round to using them yet. I will be interested to see the result with the DAS. Does the prototype have a camber?

Not aware about drains on the original admiralty pier prototype as all pics I've seen are of the much more interesting (for rail photographers) lower rail linkspan and the structure is a bit freelance but for mine there is an inferred camber as I'm putting gullies on both sides of the road. I'm also inferring a movement joint half way along the bridge with gullies either side to prevent water running across the joint. I'm not going to try and model the camber though as it would be less than a 1mm rise to the middle of the road and will just draw in my movement joint with a pen. There is only such much detail my eyesight can cope with applying!

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